Thursday, March 27, 2008

America Sews Continues on the Road...

This week began with an America Sews on the Road event with the Stitchin’ Post and owners Jane and Linda and Husqvarna Viking lady Karen in Little Rock, Arkansas. About 50 people gathered to share the joy of sewing for the day. Many of the attendees were Husqvarna Viking Designer SE owners and tried to “pump me” for information about the new top-of-the-line coming in June. I told them my lips were sealed! Many are already on the list to be the first to get one of the new Husqvarna Vikings and after trying the Husqvarna Viking Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator during the breaks, they took one home along with many of the accessory feet and notions we demonstrated during the day.

All these ladies love the America Sews television show and many of them had seen the Pledge drive early Saturday morning and had called in to pledge their support for sewing shows on AETN, the Arkansas Public Television Station. We left Little Rock on Tuesday morning just as the rains in Arkansas and Missouri began. Herb drove all the way to West Plains, Missouri in heavy rain, but he still let me stop in one little town to check out the antique stores. I found some great vintage linens to share with Martha Pullen!

We went straight to the Fairview School in West Plains where Viv, owner of the Sewing Connection, the Husqvarna Viking dealer in West Plains, and her people were setting up. When we entered the gymnasium, the tables and chairs went all the way from the front to the back of the gym—from basket to basket! Everyone including some “youngsters”, there with mom or grandma, pitched in to move the tables together and close to the front so it would be more “cozy” and people could see and touch the samples. Herb does a great job with the video camera so people can understand the demonstration, but people really like to touch the real thing!

The next morning it was still raining and there was flooding all over the area. Several people were unable to get out of their roads to come but over 80 prevailed and came out for the day. Some came later in the day as they were able to get out.
Husqvarna Viking traveling Educator Jared Collins brought his samples and expertise to share too. Jared is Viv’s son and has been a guest on America Sews. He always has great embroidery on his shirts! I love it.

Jared is really excited about the new top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking. He shared the upgrade/exchange program on the Designer SE with several of the people. Be sure to visit your Husqvarna Viking Dealer to find out how you can take home your Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition today and then come back anytime for one year and exchange it getting back everything you paid for the Designer SE toward the new top-of-the-line!

I mentioned those helpful “youngsters”. They moved tables, helped us set up and sat at the registration table in the morning welcoming the people. We really appreciated their help and enthusiasm for this event. In return, during the last break, they sold drinks and homemade “goodies” to raise money for their traveling baseball team! What fun!

At the end of the day, the technique demonstration stitching I have sewn during the program needs to be ripped out so the fabric is ready to demonstrate in the next program. The ladies are so impressed that Herb knows how to rip out stitches and immediately plan to go home and teach their husband this technique! Not only is he my CEO (carry everything out) but he is also my REO (rip everything out)!

It was an unbelievable day! Pouring rain and flooding in the early morning, snowing mid morning and when we went out of the building at 5pm, the sun was shining!

The next morning, we visited an antique store in West Plains. We found more vintage linens including some projects you’ll be seeing on America Sews that feature embroidery. I’m so anxious to show you on the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line!! We would have loved to go visit our new grandbaby in California, but she is so small she is not receiving visitors yet so we drove to the city of Branson, Missouri.

All the rivers were very high and there was water on some roads, but the sun was shining and the fruit trees were in bloom! Spring was in the air!

We had never been to Branson and I had heard it there were many craftsman and quilters in the area, so I was eager to see it. We did find about 7 quilt shops, but many were selling finished quilts, some made overseas and a few made locally. There is a theme park, Silver Dollar City near Branson, where I understand there are over 100 craftsman demonstrating their skills. However, after sitting in 2 hours of traffic on a two-lane country road we decided to go antiquing instead. So we drove to the village of Ozark for lunch at a Tea Room. When we left the store, a lady came running after us. It seems she thought I looked like Sue Hausmann so she asked the cashier what name was on the Visa slip I had signed and when she found out she found me. We had a nice visit. She watches America Sews on the Springfield, Missouri PBS station and loves the Quick Projects!

We enjoyed seeing the sights of Branson and went to a couple of shows. I think I most enjoyed the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans show and museum and visiting with their son Dusty. My sister and I watched their tv show (in black and white of course) in the 50s! Wow, this sure took me back. I had met Dale on two occasions at Christian Women’s Club events in the Chicago area in the 80's and had enjoyed her program very much.
Here is a wax “Roy” with stuffed Trigger, Nellybelle, Trigger Jr. and dog Bullet.

With the weight limits for luggage at 50 pounds, we had to stop at the UPS store before heading to the Little Rock airport. (Actually we had stopped at UPS once before on this trip!) The quilt was only $20 because it has a big hole in it, but I’m going to use it in a sewing vignette up high in our living room so no one will know. The little dress is on a chicken wire dress form probably made by a proud grandpa a long time ago.

People ask how do you travel and do your job. My laptop goes with me everywhere and I can find an electrical outlet in any airport. The Little Rock airport even had a table and chair to make it so much easier to type this blog!

Next week, I’m traveling to Pennsylvania for the Martha Pullen Extravaganza! We will be sewing for four days hands on with the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition and Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936 serger. Husqvarna Viking Educators licensed by Martha Pullen to teach her techniques, Peggy Dilbone, Jody Hooker, Connie Palmer, and Deb Yedziniak will be teaching! More on this event next week!

Until Next time,
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Digging out of the snow!

We finally arrived home from our trip to the Pacific Northwest on Sunday after a huge snowstorm had closed the Cleveland airport for 2 days! We had loads of snow at our home and on our deck. Hard to believe it is the middle of March!

After washing and repacking and a day at the office, we started another trip of America Sews on the Road with the first day hosted by Amy Baughman’s Sew and Quilt in Pittsburgh. Eighty wonderful ladies gathered for a full day of sewing and quilting tips and techniques. Amy welcomed them and presented Herb and me with beautiful pillow cases they had made so we would not have to put our heads on the hotel pillowcases. Great gift idea for a traveler! You can make a personalized pillowcase on your Husqvarna Viking Huskylock serger in less than 20 minutes. Add a monogram or embroidery on your Husqvarna Viking Designer SE! This is a great project for kid’s Pajama Parties! What a fun introduction to sewing to have each child “serge up” their own pillowcase!

It was exciting to hear that many of the ladies already have their name on the list to be the first to get the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line sewing machine when it comes out in June. Of course they had many questions about the machine! I keep telling them I have had the opportunity to sew on it and have been working on proofreading the English User’s Guide and Help Texts and other information but they want details!! Most of the questions are about size such as will the sewing area be larger and will the embroidery hoop be larger? My answer to these questions is that I am not allowed to tell what features are coming on the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line but my answer is “you are going to be very happy”!

Highlight of the day was the “Sew and Share” time after lunch. Many brought and wore wonderful items they created. I wore my “Waldo” hat in honor of this blog!

The maker of this beautiful porcelain doll has passed away but her sister is remembering her in a very special way by creating beautiful clothes for the dolls and she brought this one to share. Another reminder of how our sewing life skill brings so many memories, gifts and joys to our lives!

The special upgrade/exchange offer on the current top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition was very popular. Be sure to ask your local Husqvarna Viking store about this. The Designer SE Limited Edition comes with over $2,000. added value gifts including an exclusive Designer SE Limited Edition accessory bag, silver Limited Edition key chain, a gift certificate to redeem at for $500 worth of embroidery designs. This is a fabulous site loaded with quality embroidery designs you can purchase and download anytime day or night. There is also a special Limited Edition CD case loaded with special CDs not available any where else. You receive the Best of America Sews; the favorite shows loaded with projects, tips and techniques, two years of Quick, Quicker, Quickest;over 100 quick gifts to make on DVD with complete CD of instructions to create them. Three additional embroidery CDs include an exclusive embroidery collection from Terry Fox, Fashion Designer in England, Cactus Punch Favorites and Sue’s Toy Sewing Machines with the art for the toy sewing drawn from my collection. This collection includes frames and tablecloths especially designed for you to combine with the toy machines either on the Interactive Designer Screen on your Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition or in your Husqvarna Viking 4D Embroidery Software. What I love about combining designs in my 4D Embroidery Software is that when I save the combined design, the program automatically removes the overlap as it saves the design. This means there is no embroidery stitch build up under the areas where the designs overlap.

Several ladies took home a Husqvarna Viking Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator after stitching free motion quilting on the full size quilt Amy had made quilt ready for demonstration. They could not believe how easy and relaxing free motion is with the Husqvarna Viking Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator!

When you purchase your Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition now, there is an added bonus of a $1,000 shopping spree! This $1,000 can be spent on any Husqvarna Viking accessories, embroideries, etc. Many are using this for their Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator. Others are buying the Huskystar ER10, Huskylock or loads of accessory feet for their Husqvarna Viking. Go to and visit your Husqvarna Viking store today to find out more!

Wednesday was our 48th wedding anniversary and we flew from Pittsburgh to Baltimore and drove to Hagerstown, MD. We went straight to “Wilson’s, Your Favorite Quilt Shop” to visit with owners Kathy and Marshall and all their people. Plus, we needed to drop off our suitcases full of samples and get set up for the next day. If you are wondering why these stores have the America Sews on the Road programs, last fall we had a drawing at our SewFest meetings and stores “won” me to come present an all day Quick, Quicker, Quickest or America Sews on the Road event for them. Wednesday night, Herb and I went to a special anniversary dinner at an authentic German restaurant in downtown Hagerstown. Herb loves “real” German food so we ordered a sampler plate. It was way too much food, but we had a wonderful evening together thinking about visiting Herb’s family in the Black Forest area of Germany with our granddaughter Lyndi this coming summer.

The next morning there was a real chill in the air as people lined up outside the Wilson’s door. We welcomed them as they entered and they sat down to enjoy delicious homemade cinnamon rolls before the program.

One of the highlights of this trip was that so many sewers brought beautiful dresses they had made for special children and grandchildren to wear to church on Easter Sunday. These three little dresses for three special granddaughters were “sew” fabulous!

Again there were many questions about specific features coming on the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line and it was exciting to be able to answer them “you are going to be ‘sew’ happy”! Several added their names to the list for the new top-of-the-line and purchased their Husqvarna Viking Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator after my assurance that it slide off their current Designer SE and right onto their new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line. The other accessory they were excited about was the Husqvarna Viking Air Ease Hoop and I assured them they can enjoy it now on their Designer SE and this too will slide right onto their new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line!
Lunch was like being on a cruise! There were two seatings so we counted off into groups and while one group was served an elegant luncheon, the other group shopped and asked questions and tried the Designer SE, Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator, Huskylock and Huskystar ER10 Needle Felting machine while some learned more about the Husqvarna Viking 4D Embroidery Software programs.

We had a great time in Pittsburgh, PA and Hagerstown, MD but it was time to move on to Little Rock, AR! While we were traveling on Friday, my cell phone rang with great news, Brooke Elaine Hausmann, 5 pounds 4 ounces, 18 inches long was born in Simi Valley, California. Brooke is grandchild number ten! She was taken early by cesarean section as she had not been growing for several weeks. This was a troubled pregnancy so please keep her in your prayers. Brooke’s sisters Amanda age 5 and Sage age 2 ½ both weighed over 9 pounds so this is one tiny baby for this family. Mommy and baby are doing well, however, Brooke’s weight dropped to under 5 pounds as she came home so they are not receiving visitors yet. We hope to see her in a couple of weeks.
I’ve asked them to send a picture with Brooke’s eyes open because Husqvarna Viking is developing a special new and exciting software program for you! I can’t give any details yet but you will want this new program so you too can create wonderful gifts and memories and more! I have had a “sneak preview” and am really excited about all the possibilities!

Our trip to Little Rock was two-fold. The first stop was Conway, just north of Little Rock to do a special “live” pledge drive for AETN, the Arkansas Educational Telecommunications Network. America Sews airs on Public Broadcasting Stations throughout Arkansas and into the surrounding states. Joyce the owner of Sew a Stitch, the Husqvarna Viking Dealer in Bentonville, AR organized 15 volunteers who drove over 5 hours to come to Conway to answer phones during the benefit. We enjoyed dinner with them on Friday night. It was especially fun to meet and visit with so many avid sewers and quilters.

Saturday morning we arrived at AETN at 6 am! Joining us were 3 people from the Stitchin’ Post, the Husqvarna Viking store in Little Rock. The station aired 3 America Sews shows with breaks where I shared new projects and tips and invited viewers to call to support AETN. This is the support that keeps America Sews on the air. Be sure to e-mail, write, or call your local public television station to tell them what programming you enjoy and support them with your contribution! If they hear from more cooks or fishermen, this is the programming they will air.

Sarah age 14 came with her mom and the Sew a Stitch, Bentonville group. Sarah loves to sew and brought a donation to AETN from her 4-H club.
When I met the AETN host, Mona, she shared that she and her brothers and sisters plan to buy their mom a Husqvarna Viking Embroidery and Sewing machine for Christmas. After the first break when I demonstrated the Huskystar ER10 needle felting machine, Mona exclaimed “wow, my mom is sure to want one of those too”. I said how about for her birthday and Mona said: “her birthday was yesterday and my sister and I need a gift to take to her this weekend. This is it!” Here I’m signing Happy Birthday and Happy Sewing on the Huskystar ER10 we demonstrated and Mona purchased for her mom!

Mona was such a good sport! She changed jackets with me at every break so we could show more techniques!

Many viewers called in with support, pledges and contributions that morning so America Sews will stay on the air in Arkansas! We spent the rest of the day visiting local sewing stores that are underwriters of America Sews and sharing the joy of sewing with their customers gathered to ask questions about the show and about sewing. One lady even came all the way from Dallas, TX to meet me. She told us she loves the show!

Here we are on Saturday afternoon at the Stitchin Post in Little Rock.

Next week we are off to Missouri!

Until next time

Happy Sewing!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Whirlwind Week...

After a whirlwind week traveling in Oregon presenting “America Sews On The Road Shows”, today, Herb and I are sitting in airports trying to get back home to Cleveland. It seems a huge snowstorm has hit Cleveland and the airport is closed. There are six Continental “red eye” flights from the west coast every night and as of now only two are still on the boards to go. They flew us from Portland to Seattle this morning and we are “holding our breath” hoping the Seattle to Cleveland “red eye” goes tonight. A “red eye” flight is one that departs between 10pm and 1am and arrives at your destination between 5am and 7am. I’m sure you understand why travelers on these flights have “red eyes”.

Many people think a job like mine that is constant travel is really glamorous!? The fun of travel wears off very quickly but Herb and I love my job so the travel is the means to do it and to meet and share with people who love to sew all over the world. It was pretty funny to see Herb on the floor in front of the ticket counter rearranging all the suitcases this morning to try to get them each near 50 pounds! This is another challenge of air travel today. When we opened them up the ticket agent could not believe we had very few clothes and 3 ½ suitcases full of quilts, pillows, felting, embroidery and “sew” much more! I almost ended up giving a demonstration right there! She saw one of the books and said “Husqvarna Viking! Tell you what, if you give me a new Husqvarna Viking, I’ll pay for your excess baggage weight! I have had a Husqvarna Viking for years but now I really want that new one that embroiders!” The wonderful world of sewers!

Right after Puyallup, we visited good friends and my nieces in Poulsbo and Sammamish. Little Bailey, my 1 year old grandniece smiled the whole time we were there! I really wanted to tell my nieces about why I am working on genealogy but must keep it a secret from everyone a little longer. I had a wonderful e-mail from a gentleman this week with the ship logs from my Great Grandfather’s trip from Sweden to America. He clarified that the names were not changed as immigrants entered this country and the ship manifests always showed their name for immigration however many people “Americanized” their names as a part of their embracing their new country, America.

We drove South to present programs in Oregon. More than 125 people came to the Hillsboro Fair Grounds for the America Sews Road Show hosted by Hillsboro Sew and Vac and Viking Distributing. The event was held in the Cloverleaf Building so I shared how I learned to sew in 4-H when I was 10 and what fun it was to exhibit at the Lake County Fair and to win a trip to the State Fair with the black gingham shirtwaist dress I had sewn.

Here is Holly in her embroidered sweater! Love the “walk away” embroidery on the back!

The ladies poured in and enjoyed home made cookies and goodies before the program started. It was exciting to share the joy of sewing on the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition and to tell them about the special added value package and the $1,000. shopping spree! A number of the attendees went home with new Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines and Huskylock sergers! I autographed all the new Husqvarna Viking sewing machines to their new owners, however, many who purchased the Designer SE Limited Edition are thinking about the 1 year full exchange/upgrade offer where they can exchange their Designer SE Limited Edition for the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line and get the full amount they paid for their Designer SE Limited Edition. I did not personalize their name, only autographed Happy Sewing, Sue Hausmann and the date so that when their Designer SE Limited Edition is “adopted” by a wonderful new owner they will have the autograph too!

Be sure to ask your Husqvarna Viking Dealer about the value added package, shopping spree and 1 year upgrade/exchange. It is offered at all participating US Husqvarna Viking stores. Many stores already have started their a list for priority delivery of the new top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking and another list of customers ready to “adopt” the exchanged Designer SE Limited Editions! Be sure to get on one of the lists at your store!

Everyone loved the new Air Ease Hoop that makes hooping effortless, automatically pulls the fabric taut and completely eliminates hoop burn. All the Husqvarna Viking Designer owners were absolutely thrilled to know that all their hoops will fit on the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line coming in June. Did you know there are 10 different hoops for the Husqvarna Viking Designer Series of sewing and embroidery machines? Each one has a special purpose and every one of these hoops will slide right on your new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line!

From Hillsboro, we drove to Salem for a program at Whitlocks Sewing Center. We did visit a couple of antique stores on the way and I have some really cute new toy sewing machines to share!

About 100 people “poured in” to the downtown Salem store. We travel with a camera and projector so Herb was in the balcony “shooting” the event so people could see the techniques and the projects well.

Sherry wore this fabulous denim shirt and jeans embroidered with Designs from the Mega Richilieu Embroidery Collection. She cut out the cutwork and Richilieu Bars on the shirt but did not cut out on the jeans because –to quote Sherry “I did not want cellulite poking out of the cutwork”!

It was fun to sign all the new Husqvarna Viking sewing machines and Huskystar ER10 Needle Felting/Embellishing/Punching Machines before people took them home. We decided the Huskystar ER10 does not use thread or a bobbin so it is really not a sewing machine, it is a notion or sewing tool so there is no need to worry about your husband thinking you have bought another sewing machine!

Leslie brought this fabulous quilt for Sew and Share! She created it for her daughter as a special gift to celebrate Laura’s lifetime love of reading and her accomplishment of getting two masters degrees in the same week of June 2006. Leslie asked her daughter to send a list of her favorite books and all 124 books in the quilt titled My daughter the bibliophile” were stitched lovingly on Leslie’s Husqvarna Viking Designer SE with lettering, numbers, and a fabulous label created in Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Software.

The Husqvarna Viking Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regular was the hit of the day. Many of the quilters and sewers had been doing free motion quilting and were suffering from neck and shoulder aches and uneven stitches! Because so many are planning to buy the new top-of-the-line, they asked if the Husqvarna Viking Fab-U-Motion they were buying would be compatible with the new top-of-the-line and it will! So if you have been thinking about free motion quilting and free motion artistry and want it to be easier than ever before, visit your local Husqvarna Viking store and experience the joy of quilting with the Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator by Quilter’s Cruise Control!

Next week we will be traveling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Hagerstown, Maryland, and on Saturday morning will present a live special event on Arkansas Public Television from 6am to 12noon. Fun!

Until next time,
Happy Sewing!
Sue H

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sue's been in Puyallop

Greetings from the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington about an hour south of Seattle. For the last 24 years Washington State University, Pierce County Extension under the leadership of Joanne Ross, Program Chair, Janet York, Show Manager and Ann Sagawa, Speaker Coordinator has hosted the Sewing and Stitchery Expo at the Fair Grounds in Puyallup, for four days at the end of February. More than 200 Expo volunteers, many of them Clothing and Textile Advisors from around the state work to make this event happen each year.

Herb and I flew out early to meet with Jenny Haskins to go over all the details for the Jenny Haskins Academy of Accredited Teachers in June. We will be sewing on the new top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking sewing machine and Jenny will be licensing teachers in her techniques and projects. Last summer Jenny and I were shopping and she saw a really neat skirt. She quickly worked out the concept of strips and created the wonderful skirt pictured below. Yesterday in Poulsbo I bought the fabric to make one for me to wear in June.

Wednesday we drove to the airport to pick up Marie Duncan, our Education Creative Coordinator and Lauren Hickey our Marketing Director. The sky was bright and blue and we were able to see Mount Rainier in all her splendor. What a site to see!

Many sewers and quilters arrived into SeaTac Airport on Wednesday. While waiting for Marie and Lauren, I “ran into” Mary Mulari and a group of sewers from Phoenix. What fun! We visited for a while in front of the amazing glass bulb quilt on the wall.
Mary was waiting for Nancy Zieman who was arriving on the same plane as Marie. Small world of sewers!

From the airport we drove to the Fairgrounds to ready the classroom and rehearse for Friday Night Live. A quick supper at Denny’s and early to bed that night!

The show opened on Thursday morning. The weather was beautiful and attendance at the show was excellent. Each year 30,000 sewers and quilters come to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. I presented a lecture demonstration class titled “What’s New With America Sews”. The Husqvarna Viking booth was packed all day and I had loads of questions about the new top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking coming in June. My lips are sealed except to say it is “sew” fabulous you will surely want one!

I had the opportunity to demonstrate the Designer SE Limited Edition to several sewers and quilters. Many people purchased the Designer SE Limited Edition at the show and were really excited about the $2000.00 value added package including all the designs, projects, CDs and more plus the $1000.00 shopping spree and 36 month financing. But the thing I think they were the most excited about was that they can upgrade exchange their Designer SE Limited Edition for the new top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking for up to one year and get the full amount they paid for the Designer SE Limited Edition toward the new Husqvarna Viking. This is such an exciting offer available at all participating Husqvarna Viking Dealerships. Be sure to take advantage of this one time offer!

Thursday night SVP Worldwide, parent company of Husqvarna Viking hosted the annual Sewing Stars Dinner. All the teachers and industry professionals at the show are invited to come to network and share ideas. Our President Charlie Bayer presented exiting information about the growth of the sewing industry and hinted about the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line coming in June. More than 150 of your favorite Sewing Stars attended. They even talked me into putting on my “where’s Sue” hat!

Friday was another big day at the expo. Thousands of people attended hundreds of lecture demo and hands-on classes. Kathy McMakin from Martha Pullen taught a fabulous class on the Huskylock and everyone finished their project! The special event Friday evening was called Friday night live! The local Public Television Station KBTC hosted a reception for their donors before the event. Saturday morning is all sewing and quilting shows on KBTC and sewers and quilters in the greater Seattle Tacoma area are so fortunate to have this special time of educational television just for them each week!
Friday Night Live “sold out” right away and over 700 people attended. Rita Farro was the mistress of ceremonies and “stars” Martha Pullen, Nancy Cornwell, and I “performed”. We shared stories, special sewing songs and “sew” much more. Martha tap danced to New York, New York. Nancy played a piano solo and duet and I sang Wind Beneath My Wings as a tribute to Herb, who has encouraged and helped me in everything I do.

Other special songs included Favorite Sewing Things sun by the “Sewpremes” and I’d Like to Teach The World to Sew.

The most exciting class was Saturday when we taught a class called Design Your Denim. Each person brought something denim to embellish and we gave them a square of denim to practice on. There were 5 stations and they moved from Needle Felting on the Huskystar ER10, Couching on the Designer SE Limited Edition, Free Motion with Fab-U-Motion, Huskylock 2 thread flatlock trim, and Designer SE Limited Edition Embroidery.
Wow, everyone created the most fantastic garments and samples. Many embellished their denim square with a plan to turn it into a purse, knitting needle holder, wall hanging and more.

It was fun to watch everyone create. Many embellished the denim garments they brought to the class and wore them the rest of the day. Fun!
Irena decorated her jeans with the different techniques.

Everyone has a story!
Lisa wanted to be in the blog to impress her teen son!
Judy from Colorado works in a Husqvarna Viking store and paid her own way to Expo to learn so she could bring back to her customers!
Sharon brought a pink denim shirt and had a bunch of fun!

Sunday brought more classes, shopping and the Charity Tea. This charity event was started several years ago Expo attendees buy a ticket to the tea and this year the proceeds more than $5,600. was donated to the Susan G Komen fund for Breast Cancer. Expo teachers host a table and bring a “goodie bag” for their table. The tea is lovely with real china and serving tea, scones and petit fours but there is only 15 minutes between teas to clear and reset. Herb hosted and helped most of the day.

I enjoyed the tea!

As we left the show on Sunday we met Jean in her pin cushion hat!! She was inspired by Loralie designs. Don’t you love it!

Next week I’ll be traveling in Oregon presenting America Sews on the Road Shows. I look forward to bringing you some of the fun!

Until then,
Happy Sewing!
Sue H.