Monday, June 30, 2008

Convention and Jenny Haskins Tutor Academy

Dear Sewing Friends!

Wow! This has been an exciting time getting ready for the introduction of the Designer Diamond!! Since there was a technical “glitch” on the night of the live web launch the entire web launch continues to be available for replay on the Husqvarna Viking web site. If you have not viewed it yet, click below.

Originally we had planned to “blog” only until the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond came out however some have encouraged me to continue this “blog” and to maybe include a project or tips? What do you think?

There is a place for you to leave comments at the bottom of the “blog”. Simply click on (number) Comments and you will find comments from others and a box to leave your comment. I promise to read them all but may not be able to answer them all. We did have a couple of questions on the last comment page. Bev from Hamburg, NY asked if her Designer SE has a trade-in value. I feel confident it does and suggest you visit your Husqvarna Viking Dealer for this information. “Anonymous” asked if the soft luggage set is coming with the Designer Diamond. The large soft side embroidery unit carrying bag is included with the Designer Diamond but for a limited time, the large Designer Diamond machine soft luggage carrying bag with wheeled cart comes only with the Designer Diamond machines purchased by dealers at Husqvarna Viking Convention. So if you want to take advantage of getting both bags free, hurry in to your Husqvarna Viking Dealer!

I promised to share some pictures from Husqvarna Viking Convention. We headed to San Antonio early for the exciting training for the Husqvarna Viking Education group. Many had not seen the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond before coming to this training and everyone “fell in love” immediately! They absolutely loved the new Ultimate Interactive Screen. This is the largest, brightest and highest resolution color screen in the sewing industry!
Everyone was also impressed with the ease of operation and user friendly features of the Designer Diamond. They loved the new Design Positioning and Design Shaping and of course the space!

Each Educator stitched and embroidered for two full days then helped set up all the Designer Diamond sewing and embroidery machines for the convention!

The new Husqvarna Viking Family Portrait Embroidery Software program is fabulous! Here Julie Mallory, Embroidery Software Training Manager teaches the Educators how to create their “family tree”. Whether you are into family history, genealogy or just want to create one-of-a-kind gifts for special people and special occasions, this program is for you.
Simply enter the names, date of birth, death, communion, etc. (there are many options) and then select the style of lettering, layout of the “family tree” (not a real tree—there are many layouts to place your information into wonderful embroidery pieces) and embroider. You can even import information from other genealogy programs.

The best part is that you can combine pictures with the information in your “creation”. You can print pictures on printable fabric or better yet, the Husqvarna Viking Family Portrait Embroidery Software includes a very powerful tool, PortraitStitch, to take pictures and turn them into picture embroideries!

During the Notions Commotion at Husqvarna Viking Convention, Andrew Kaymer of VSM Software Ltd. presented me with a fabulous Hausmann-Youngberg Family Quilt. It was a complete surprise and I was overwhelmed as I saw the PortraitStitch pictures of Herb’s and my great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren all in PortraitStitch with birth and death dates and more.
Click here for more information on this program

I know this picture below is blurred but this is how it felt at the Grand Opening Launch of the Designer Diamond!! Well over a thousand people “poured” into the Grand Ballroom for their first look at the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond. Do you see your Husqvarna Viking Dealer here?

The evening included a Fashion Show of incredibly wonderful garments all embroidered on the Designer Diamond with exciting and new Husqvarna Viking embroidery designs! Husqvarna Viking has always been known for beautiful, quality, upscale embroidery and our designers have outdone themselves with the new designs on the Designer Diamond and the new collections for all Husqvarna Viking models of sewing and embroidery machines. Be sure to check out Cutwork Finesse, Special Effects Butterflies and the incredible Embellish with Yarn designed to be embroidered with the new Yarn Couching Feet which are sold as an accessory for free-motion and embroidery yarn couching!

Highlight of the evening were the sixty individual Designer Diamond demonstration stations “manned” by our Educators, Trainers, and our partners from Sweden. Each station demonstrated an exciting new feature on the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond! I’m not sure which station was most popular. People “clamored” to get to them all so they would not miss a thing!

Another highlight of Husqvarna Viking Convention was the Gallery of Sewing Art. Maybe you were a part of this? Husqvarna Viking stores across North America sent in incredible creations for this gallery. Evelyn, my Administrative Assistant and “right hand person” organized the display and cared for the gallery during convention. All entrants were treated to breakfast on Wednesday and the winners were announced for each category.

As you know, Husqvarna Viking Convention is only open to authorized Husqvarna Viking Dealers and their people and the biggest part of convention was all the classes. The people from your Husqvarna Viking Dealership participated in classes on the Designer Diamond, QBot automatic computerized quilting, and Family Portrait Embroidery Software. They also learned about the new Designer Diamond Techniques Studio program. This new program is for Designer Diamond owners and is designed to take you each month “step by step” into more creative options with your Designer Diamond. There are Step by Step Techniques and wonderful projects to go with each one. Ask your Husqvarna Viking store for more information!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this “art” on the ceiling in the Convention Center. From a distance I thought it was made from thread spools but when I got up close it was actually pop or beer cans. Wouldn’t this be an incredible piece made from thread spools??

Herb and I left convention early to go to the first Jenny Haskins Academy for Accredited Teachers. When Jenny and Simon announced this special training, it filled immediately so they added a second week. A total of 100 people (50 each week) stitched from 8:30am to 9:30pm learning exclusive Jenny Haskins techniques and creating fabulous projects to teach.

Husqvarna Viking provided 50 Designer Diamond sewing and embroidery machines for this school and they performed fabulously. Jenny really puts a sewing and embroidery machine to the test with her techniques and the Designer Diamond was up to every technique and every project. The students loved all the new features!

Sandy Votaw, Husqvarna Viking dealer from Sandy’s Fabrics & Machines in Kennewick, WA was one of the students and is excited to bring all the projects and techniques home to her customers.

It is always fun to meet people who share my enthusiasm for sewing and for sharing the joy of sewing with others. Kate pictured above took home her Designer Diamond and Jenny and I autographed it on the back!!

Husqvarna Viking Educator Jared Collins attended the tutor school too. Jared will be traveling this year presenting Husqvarna Viking programs so watch for him to come to your community as he has “sew” much to share. Don’t you love his embroidered shirt!!

Here is the group from week one.

Here is the group from week two.

During the first week I flew to Arlington, TX to speak at Martha’s Sewing Market on Friday night. Herb stayed back in Knoxville to help with the Jenny Haskins event. It was really great that Stephanie came week one and Cathy B week two to assist. Everyone learned the Designer Diamond almost immediately so we were mainly being sure they had what they needed to do their project.

It was exciting to see so many sewers “adopt” a Designer Diamond at Martha’s Sewing Market! Martha and I autographed them on the back. What a smile on this new owner as she and I try to balance the huge Majestic Hoop! The box is so big it does not fit in a suitcase! (Ask me how I know that!)

The Threads of Love Ministry was at Martha’s event and Husqvarna Viking provided Sapphire sewing machines for people in the exhibit hall to sit down and make one of the little “preemie diaper shirts” you see on the wall. When I first arrived in the booth a lady came in with the diaper shirt she had made and asked if we would put an embroidery on it. Well, these little shirts are so tiny that most embroidery designs would overwhelm them so we programmed a heart stitch into memory with FIX stitches before and after to tie it off (plus the Selective Thread Cutter to cut at the end) so the sewers could place little heart “embroideries” on their diaper shirts. The proportion of the single heart decorative satin stitch was just the right size to “embroider” the shirts. Sometimes we forget about our decorative stitches and all the creative opportunities they bring!

It is always fun to meet the families of our sewing friends. Hope Yoder, famous for her wonderful heirloom embroidery collections and patterns brought her two daughters to Martha’s Sewing Market.

Herb and I just returned home from our 4 week “flurry” of activity but will leave today for southern CA to see our new granddaughter. Herb has not seen her at all yet so we are really looking forward to this first leg of the trip. Then on to northern CA to celebrate the 4th of July weekend at All Stars games with grandson Britton, age 10 and traveling baseball team games with grandson Bret age 13. We will also celebrate several birthdays!

As we enter the July 4th week, I give thanks for our country and all the opportunities and blessings it provides. I also want to recognize and give thanks for all the men and women in the armed forces serving our country. God Bless America! Land that I love!

More about the Designer Diamond and QBot next time!

Until then, Happy Sewing!
Sue H

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Designer Diamond is Here

Hello Everyone,

I have found out that all that we presented on our webcast did not get to you because of a technical difficulty that made us loose our feed to the Internet.

This is an incredible disappointment that we could not share the exact moment together. The Designer Diamond is such an amazing machine, that I know you will love.

The team is hard at work to bring you a rebroadcast of the webcast so that you do not miss a moment. Please watch your email for an update so that you can view the webcast and all of the exciting features, plus the fashion show and more.

More updates from Convention soon.

Until then,
Sue H.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Countdown has Begun!!!


This is it! The last minute countdown to the live launch of the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machine!! I am so eager for you to see! It is fabulous, generous, brilliant, and “sew” much more! You will see in the blog below that we met with our Education group this week and we have all had the opportunity and joy to be sewing and embroidering and the more we do the more we adore this new top-of-the-line and the more capability, convenience and innovation we find!

If you are not registered for the live introduction this Sunday night, go to to register now! Don’t miss it!

Every month at the United States home office of Husqvarna Viking in Westlake, Ohio we have an all employee meeting and birthday celebration. Here Sue (Waldo) is sharing the excitement of the new top-of-the-line. Employees have been to an orientation and they too are “sew” excited!
We had a very exciting and fruitful training for our Education Group so they would be ready for the big event on Sunday and you will see why when you join the live launch webcast! These are the special people that will be teaching your Husqvarna Viking Dealers, store employees and teachers all the new features and how to use them at the Husqvarna Viking Convention next week. Everyone agrees that when you see the new top-of-the-line it is spectacular but it is “sew, sew” much more when you begin sewing and embroidering and experiencing all the new features as you create!

One of the most asked questions about this new Husqvarna Viking has been: ”How big a design will it embroider?” Three of our Educators prove in this picture that you can put THREE people into one of the new hoops that will be available for this Husqvarna Viking! Yes, all three Educators, Linda, Diana, and Stephanie are inside the hoop! Linda and Diana had it around their waists and we were amazed, then Stephanie stepped in too! Amazing!

Last week, we were in Tuskaloosa at the Alabama Public Television taping with Martha Pullen for Martha’s Sewing Room. Here Martha and I are “hiding” the new Husqvarna Viking! One of the techniques I demonstrated was twin needle scallops on the collar of a Baby Daygown and Martha was amazed that she could see the twin needle scallops side by side in actual size on the new screen.

We flew in to Birmingham, Alabama and drove to Tuskaloosa. Denise Applegate-Schober represented Cactus Punch and taped 8 tip segments on embroidery. Denise, Herb and I “squeezed” into a Ford Focus rental with 11 pieces of luggage. Interesting!!

Before we left for Martha Pullen, we taped 13 America Sews programs in 4 days. You will love this new series 2700 which will begin to air in October! We had such talented guests sharing all their best tips, projects and techniques.

I believe we have the very best crew in the industry. Tom (center right in the red shirt) on the jib (overhead close up) camera has been with us since the first America Sews series taped in 1990!
We tape the show with five cameras and it is a live edit show. Our director Warren does “live switching” from this control room. Also in the control room is the sound man, time keeper, and Marie Duncan, my right hand as we produce America Sews. She is the one who stops us if she feels something does not look right!

Herb and I took a quick two day trip to San Jose, California for the high school graduation of our third oldest grandchild, Lyndi. It was a cold, windy day in San Jose so we sat on the Valley Christian football field bleachers wrapped in blankets! The next day we celebrated with Lyndi and her friends at a wonderful open house at home with a chocolate fountain!

We arrived early in San Antonio to visit my sister and her husband who recently built a home in Medina, Texas. Gini picked us up at the airport and drove us to Patty’s Sewing Center where we were greeted by Gail and Carylnn.

There was a Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition class and a Huskylock class in session. What fun to meet everyone!
My sister Gini and I spent the weekend “catching up” and stitching up a storm. She made several gifts for her grandchildren including this Cars Lap Quilt. She “tied” the quilt with the little car decorative stitch! Simply touch PROG, FIX, the stitch you desire, FIX, Selective Thread Cutter. Place a pin at each spot on the quilt you want to “tie”. Place the area with pin under the presser foot. REMOVE PIN! Stitch the tie decorative stitch. There are over 100 new stitches on the new Husqvarna Viking and many of them are just perfect for “single stitch tying” a quilt!

She was getting ready to fly to Poulsbo, Washington for her granddaughter Kristin’s graduation and had created a really great quilt from all the baseball t-shirts Kristin’s mom Robyn had saved during her four years of high school. I embroidered a quilt label for her and framed the message and date with one of the new stitches that looks like baseballs!!

While Gini made her projects I embroidered and sewed my outfits for Husqvarna Viking Convention! Wait until you see the new embroidery designs both in the new top-of-the-line and the fantastic new Husqvarna Viking collections. Just a hint—I cut beautiful thread velvet on three outfits this morning!

We enjoyed the visit and felt refreshed to go on to Convention preparations in San Antonio. More next time with details and loads of pictures from Husqvarna Viking convention and the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line!

I look forward to “seeing” many of you (thanks to the magic of webcast!) at this exciting Husqvarna Viking launch event this Sunday! Don’t miss it!!

Until then,
Happy Sewing!
Sue H