Thursday, March 27, 2008

America Sews Continues on the Road...

This week began with an America Sews on the Road event with the Stitchin’ Post and owners Jane and Linda and Husqvarna Viking lady Karen in Little Rock, Arkansas. About 50 people gathered to share the joy of sewing for the day. Many of the attendees were Husqvarna Viking Designer SE owners and tried to “pump me” for information about the new top-of-the-line coming in June. I told them my lips were sealed! Many are already on the list to be the first to get one of the new Husqvarna Vikings and after trying the Husqvarna Viking Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator during the breaks, they took one home along with many of the accessory feet and notions we demonstrated during the day.

All these ladies love the America Sews television show and many of them had seen the Pledge drive early Saturday morning and had called in to pledge their support for sewing shows on AETN, the Arkansas Public Television Station. We left Little Rock on Tuesday morning just as the rains in Arkansas and Missouri began. Herb drove all the way to West Plains, Missouri in heavy rain, but he still let me stop in one little town to check out the antique stores. I found some great vintage linens to share with Martha Pullen!

We went straight to the Fairview School in West Plains where Viv, owner of the Sewing Connection, the Husqvarna Viking dealer in West Plains, and her people were setting up. When we entered the gymnasium, the tables and chairs went all the way from the front to the back of the gym—from basket to basket! Everyone including some “youngsters”, there with mom or grandma, pitched in to move the tables together and close to the front so it would be more “cozy” and people could see and touch the samples. Herb does a great job with the video camera so people can understand the demonstration, but people really like to touch the real thing!

The next morning it was still raining and there was flooding all over the area. Several people were unable to get out of their roads to come but over 80 prevailed and came out for the day. Some came later in the day as they were able to get out.
Husqvarna Viking traveling Educator Jared Collins brought his samples and expertise to share too. Jared is Viv’s son and has been a guest on America Sews. He always has great embroidery on his shirts! I love it.

Jared is really excited about the new top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking. He shared the upgrade/exchange program on the Designer SE with several of the people. Be sure to visit your Husqvarna Viking Dealer to find out how you can take home your Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition today and then come back anytime for one year and exchange it getting back everything you paid for the Designer SE toward the new top-of-the-line!

I mentioned those helpful “youngsters”. They moved tables, helped us set up and sat at the registration table in the morning welcoming the people. We really appreciated their help and enthusiasm for this event. In return, during the last break, they sold drinks and homemade “goodies” to raise money for their traveling baseball team! What fun!

At the end of the day, the technique demonstration stitching I have sewn during the program needs to be ripped out so the fabric is ready to demonstrate in the next program. The ladies are so impressed that Herb knows how to rip out stitches and immediately plan to go home and teach their husband this technique! Not only is he my CEO (carry everything out) but he is also my REO (rip everything out)!

It was an unbelievable day! Pouring rain and flooding in the early morning, snowing mid morning and when we went out of the building at 5pm, the sun was shining!

The next morning, we visited an antique store in West Plains. We found more vintage linens including some projects you’ll be seeing on America Sews that feature embroidery. I’m so anxious to show you on the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line!! We would have loved to go visit our new grandbaby in California, but she is so small she is not receiving visitors yet so we drove to the city of Branson, Missouri.

All the rivers were very high and there was water on some roads, but the sun was shining and the fruit trees were in bloom! Spring was in the air!

We had never been to Branson and I had heard it there were many craftsman and quilters in the area, so I was eager to see it. We did find about 7 quilt shops, but many were selling finished quilts, some made overseas and a few made locally. There is a theme park, Silver Dollar City near Branson, where I understand there are over 100 craftsman demonstrating their skills. However, after sitting in 2 hours of traffic on a two-lane country road we decided to go antiquing instead. So we drove to the village of Ozark for lunch at a Tea Room. When we left the store, a lady came running after us. It seems she thought I looked like Sue Hausmann so she asked the cashier what name was on the Visa slip I had signed and when she found out she found me. We had a nice visit. She watches America Sews on the Springfield, Missouri PBS station and loves the Quick Projects!

We enjoyed seeing the sights of Branson and went to a couple of shows. I think I most enjoyed the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans show and museum and visiting with their son Dusty. My sister and I watched their tv show (in black and white of course) in the 50s! Wow, this sure took me back. I had met Dale on two occasions at Christian Women’s Club events in the Chicago area in the 80's and had enjoyed her program very much.
Here is a wax “Roy” with stuffed Trigger, Nellybelle, Trigger Jr. and dog Bullet.

With the weight limits for luggage at 50 pounds, we had to stop at the UPS store before heading to the Little Rock airport. (Actually we had stopped at UPS once before on this trip!) The quilt was only $20 because it has a big hole in it, but I’m going to use it in a sewing vignette up high in our living room so no one will know. The little dress is on a chicken wire dress form probably made by a proud grandpa a long time ago.

People ask how do you travel and do your job. My laptop goes with me everywhere and I can find an electrical outlet in any airport. The Little Rock airport even had a table and chair to make it so much easier to type this blog!

Next week, I’m traveling to Pennsylvania for the Martha Pullen Extravaganza! We will be sewing for four days hands on with the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition and Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936 serger. Husqvarna Viking Educators licensed by Martha Pullen to teach her techniques, Peggy Dilbone, Jody Hooker, Connie Palmer, and Deb Yedziniak will be teaching! More on this event next week!

Until Next time,
Happy Sewing!


Anonymous said...

Sue, I just wanted you to know I look forward to reading each new blog you write. This is a wonderful way to make us feel closer to you and the Husqvarna products. By now I am sure you know of me because I get so excited when there is anything to do with Sue Hausmann. (ask Denise).
I appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this traveling workshop. (Herb too). Keep up the good work, it keeps us motivated.
Carolyn in MI

leachele said...

As one of the Little Rock attendees, I want to thank you for the time you spent with us sharing your knowledge, ideas and skill. On a personal note, I want to thank you for remembering my request for the "frilly butt" denim bag directions. It just arrived today in the mail and I am delighted and grateful to you for taking the time and effort to send this to me!
Leah Sample
Little Rock, AR

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased the Designer 1 USB and I am so excited. Unfortunately, we do not get any of the sewing shows on PBS here in Kingston NY. It would be so helpful if we could. Perhaps at some point we will get them. I did write and ask. I was seriously interested in going to PA for the extravaganza but because I was a novice using my new machine, thought I would get more out of it if I had some practice! Looking forward to reading your notes and being a part of the Viking Family.

Anonymous said...

just found your blog. will you be coming to mass or ct at all. thanks

Devona said...

Did you go to many of the Branson attractions? I hear they are pretty good.