Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Look into Testing...

Wow, I just opened the second preview of the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line!! Now you are really getting to see just a peek at the capability! However, now that I have been sewing and embroidering for several weeks, I can tell you that there are “sew” many new features that you will never see in a video, you are going to be amazed! This new top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking does so much! You must experience it!

What did you think of the fabulous design in the largest embroidery area? I just stitched that design out yesterday. You will love it!

If you have not been to the preview this week to “explore the new world of capability” click here.

More news from Sweden.

I promised a picture of our boating excursion with Robert and Annie. Here Robert and I are rowing across the lake. I got involved in the rowing after we got “hung up” and it took the two of us to get the boat off the sand bar. We then realized it was much easier to row these old wood boats with oars made out of two by fours with two people rowing!

It was another exciting week in Huskvarna. Sweden celebrated several holidays on one day. We watched this band march past our hotel on the way to the church at 7am in honor of Ascension Day. This day was also celebrated as the first day of Spring and a holiday similar to our Labor Day. There was a parade later in the day for that celebration. They tell me these have never all fallen on the same day before. You can imagine it was quite a holiday in Sweden.

This is the building where our test group is sitting. The huge Husqvarna Viking logo on the roof is hard to see in the picture because of the way the light is hitting it. We love the Keeping The World Sewing Flag on the right flagpole as we enter the door. Walking up and down this hill has been really good exercise!

In this picture we are sewing through the Accessory User’s Guide and you are going to be “sew” happy with all the timesaving and specialty techniques you will be able to stitch so easily! Here (from left to right) Jill, Marcia, and Lynn covered their top-of-the line Husqvarna Viking for this picture as they were testing the accessories on the table.

Herb jumped up to hide what he has been doing but I will tell you that he has been embroidering constantly and has worked to embroider all the fonts and lettering. With all you get with this new top-of-the-line, this has taken him quite a bit of time.

On the weekend we traveled to the Glass Country about 2 hours south of Huskvarna. This is one of my favorite trips and Herb and I were looking for two wedding gifts. Our first stop is always in the small town of Ekenassjon. Herb and I “stumbled” on glassblower Tony Roco (on the left) many years ago and always stop to see him. His glass is very beautiful, unique and fairly priced.

Marcia loves the “one of a kind” piece she is taking home to America.

As we drove into Maleras (both those a’s need little circles over them!), home of the Glass Factory made famous with the glass of Swedish Designer, Mats Jonasson, there were so many people and cars in this tiny town so far from any large city, we wondered what was happening. Our first stop in this town is always Maleras leather where a family makes and sells quality leather items. It turned out there was an off road rally in the town and the “pit” was the parking lot of the leather factory. Herb said if we didn’t watch out they were going to “slap a number” on our rental car!

Our last crystal stop was Kosta Boda where Herb and I found wonderful wedding gifts!

Marcia really wanted to stop at the Gronasens Algpark to see a moose. We had been driving through forests all day and did not see any moose (or Elk) so we stopped in Kosta at the Elk Park. Marcia and Lynn walked the Algsafari path. It is 1300 meters, not miles! This place has a huge gift shop and everything in it has something to do with Alg/Elk/Moose. We did get a wonderful idea for creating a project with a feature on the new Husqvarna Viking top-of-the-line!

Be sure to go to the preview to see all the exciting news! I’ll have more to share next week and we’ll take a trip to Granna!

Until then,
Happy Sewing!!
Sue H


Mary Hawkins said...

Dearest Sue and Herb, Thank you for all the exciting news from Sweden. We love hearing all about the new top of the line machine and your wonderful travels. Had to change my plans for June. Sorry I won't see you in Knoxville. Until we meet again!
Happy Sewing from, Mary Hawkins

Carol A. Brown said...

Dear Sue,

I look forward to more news about the new TOL. I know you can't tell us about the machine yet, but can you tell us how and when updates to 4D Embroidery will be available? Will the sewing machine come with a CD or will there be an update to the software online?

Thanks for your help.

Carol A. Brown

Ingegerd said...

Thank you for news from Sweden :) we miss you here!
We continue testing. . . .


Mary said...

I'm sure the machine is nice but so far there hasn't been anything that entices me. Would really like to see more of what is so innovative. Guess my dollars are safe!


Elizabeth said...

ndwSue: I love to sew. I am so excited, I can't wait for the new machine.
I tape all of your shows.
I love the last one on window coverings, but one thing, How do I remove the air bubbles?