Wednesday, July 16, 2008

American Sewing Guild and a Little Vacation

Another week has sped by and it has been “sew” fun to read all the posts on last weeks blog. Thank you!! for your encouragement to continue with the blog and for sending your notes! It is really exciting to hear about your new Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamonds and how much you are enjoying them and what you are making! Phyllis, your semi-sheer floor length tablecloth with yarn couching embroideries sounds fantastic!

I will try to answer some of the questions:
Charlotte—Good to hear from you. If your Husqvarna Viking Fabric Mover with Stitch Regulator is a Fab-U-Motion with Stitch Regulator model, it is the current model for your Designer Diamond. This model came with two cords, one for the Designer SE series and one for the Designer Diamond. The earlier Fabric Mover with Stitch Regulator does not have the same brain and has a smaller opening for earlier models of machines. Speaking of Fabric Mover and Fab-U-Motion, many people find the Fabric Mover Guide very helpful as they free motion quilt and embroider. It is sold as an accessory (part number 620078896) at your Husqvarna Viking store.

Pauline, Thanks for the question regarding how I started with Husqvarna Viking. This is quite a long story I will reserve for a later blog but you asked about how Herb handled my traveling with the children at home and the answer is he didn’t. Two years before I joined the company, a VP from Husqvarna Viking came to the store where I was teaching and asked if I would consider traveling for Husqvarna Viking teaching stores how to put together exciting class programs. I told him this sounded like my “dream job” but that we still had a 15 ½ year old at home who didn’t really need a mother but deserved one and that I had a husband at home who didn’t deserve me but needed me. It was sort of a joke however I had never traveled and Herb had never fixed a meal so I thought he would starve! Well, less than two years later all our children moved all over the country and Herb encouraged me to take the traveling job for a year to see how it worked out and the rest is history. I give him all the credit for giving me the “go ahead” and encouragement to do it and today thank him for all his continuing support. Now he does all the cooking! Talk about “role reversal”!

Maggie, the lace stole/collar I wore in the picture from the Jenny Haskins tutor school was a class we did with Jenny a number of years ago. The fabric started out as sheer curtain fabric and Jenny’s incredible designs and techniques evolved it into this fabulous accessory.

Here I am with Jan Henning at her home in Wheatfield, Indiana last week. What a wonderful afternoon we had visiting and sewing on the Designer Diamond. Thank you for all your kind posts and e-mails about the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond we loaned to Jan. Many of you wrote to me to tell me how Jan continues to help you with your Husqvarna Vikings and embroidery software. Jan is a very special lady and it was my honor and privilege to be able to put a Designer Diamond in her hands to create with.

The timing was perfect on this request because Herb and I were driving to Chicago for the American Sewing Guild Annual Conference and it was right on the way to stop at Jan’s home and deliver her new Designer Diamond. It was a joy to meet her husband and to see her sewing room too! I’ve already received some great input and feedback from Jan and look forward to lots more!

These great ladies were in my Quick Gifts to Make class at the American Sewing Guild Conference. They told me they enjoyed seeing a myriad of projects and ideas for gifts for all ages and all occasions. Many of these projects are on and so be sure to take advantage of all these free Project Sheets!

While you are online, be sure to go to the American Sewing Guild site and check it out. Click on “Join now” to join a chapter near you and become a part of this exciting and motivating group. Everyone who loves to sew will love to participate in the ASG meetings, neighborhood groups, community service projects and “sew much more”. The 2009 Annual Conference will be July 15-17 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I hope to see you all there!

Here we are at the American Sewing Guild Dinner Gala on Saturday night! Our table was especially fun as we had several chapter presidents, one the winner of the best small ASG chapter from Bend, Oregon, plus I sat next to a first time attendee and “sew” enjoyed visiting with her.

Pati Palmer was honored for her years of sewing inspiration as the 2008 inductee into the Sewing Hall of Fame. A good time was had by all. Pati also spoke at one of the luncheons and it was great to hear how she got started in the sewing industry and to see some of the garments she created years ago and see some of her early publications. Do you remember sewing with double knits and Qiana?? Pati and I do!!

When I wasn’t teaching classes I was visiting with the many attendees in the Husqvarna Viking Booth in the Exhibit Hall. There were “sew” many booths full of creative resources to add to my sewing resource center collection (fabric stash, etc.) and it was fun to see people’s reaction as I demonstrated the exciting new Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond!! Many of the attendees already had adopted their Designer Diamond and told me how much they are enjoying it! Others took one home from the show and/or shared they plan to adopt their Designer Diamond soon at their local Husqvarna Viking stores! In fact, they want to hurry to be sure to receive the Husqvarna Viking red soft side luggage set free and to take advantage of the 48 month free financing offer with their Designer Diamond purchase. What fun!

We sold every Yarn Couching Feet Set and all the new companion embroidery collections the first day. Click on the video link below to see this incredible new accessory foot in action. It can be used with the special embroidery design collections for yarn couching and for yarn couching with any or all free motion stitching! It is “sew” amazing how the yarn stays right under the stitching and is couched in place as you (or your embroidery) stitch.

Here you see Judy and Ellie from The Sewing Room in Lombard, IL. in the opposite corner of the booth in the American Sewing Guild Exhibit Hall where we demonstrated the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE. I had several people looking for a Husqvarna Viking embroidery machine who did not think they were quite ready for the Designer Diamond yet. Now is the best time ever for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking sewing and embroidery machine at a very, very good value. A number of Husqvarna Viking Designer SE owners and Designer I owners have traded their Designers in for their new Designer Diamonds. All of these Designer top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machines need a home and are offered at a very affordable price. If you know anyone looking for a top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking sewing and embroidery machine, now is the time to buy. Talk to your local Husqvarna Viking Retailer about this soon! Maybe you have a friend or daughter wishing they could own a top-of-the-line Husqvarna Viking Designer and now they can!

I couldn’t resist telling you about our quick trip the end of June to two of our sons and family in California. Here’s Herb with grandchild number 10, Brooke Elaine born March 14. This was Herb’s first opportunity to see her in person and he took advantage of every minute!

I kept really busy with sisters Amanda age 5 ½ and Sage just 3. (We celebrated her birthday while we were there.) By the time the two days were over Sage was swimming across the pool! I know I look ridiculous but I burn so easily in that southern California sun that the t-shirt and hat were necessary.

From southern California we flew to our San Jose family and here is grandson Bret (uniform number 20) age 13, sliding in to home plate at his baseball game. He made it! We also enjoyed several All Star games with brother Britton age 10.

We went to the beach with the family and Britton and Molly their dog were the only ones brave enough to get into the “cold surf” Burrr!

Life is “sew” good! We look forward to traveling to Germany on vacation next week with Granddaughter Lyndi. I’ll bring you some news from our stops along the way!

Then more when we get back.

Until then,
Happy Sewing!


Peg B said...

Sue, you and Viking are absolute champions for including Jan Hennng in the Diamond Experience. This is one big family and you and Jan have helped sooooo many of us over the years. Thanks again. Peg

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Thanks for the reply about the sheer curtain stole - youve given me some ideas for my HV lace designs. What a wonderful happy picture of you and Jan - how great to see you both with the DD. I really wish we had you (or a clone hee hee) touring the UK - but it wouldnt take you long to get round us! Im really chomping at the bit for my Diamond which is due in August. Love the super family photos - have a great time in Germany - I love the place, Im sure you will.
Warmly Maggie in the UK

USAScotsLass said...

Sue, I just wanted to let you know what an incredible thing you and Viking have done for Jan Henning. to recognize all she had done and given back to Viking owners over the years is fitting, and is exactly what Viking is known for - caring about their customers. I am proud to be a Viking owner since 1979, for exactly these reasons. Thank you, Sue, you're awesome!

Patty Sliney

Ruth Ann M. said...

Hi, Sue,

I just bought the Designer Diamond. My former machine was the 1+ bought in 1997. It's still a great machine and will now go to my daughter.

I'm trying to get around on this website, but am having trouble finding what I need to know. Right now my questions are regarding the S foot and omnimotion stitches. My dealer of Jeannie's Just Sew in Byron, IL is on vacation right now.

I'm having trouble getting the stitches to come out right. I've tried stabilizer both top and bottom, but still having trouble. Anywhere I can get some help?

Have a great vacation. I've watched your programs and followed your career for years!

Ruth Ann M.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with peg b when she said 'you and vikign are absolute champions for including Jan in the Diamond experience.' I also appreciate all that you share on the blog...we really are a great family. I'm one of those who are adopting a used SE rather than the DD for now. It still is a step up from my D1. I'm also placing my order for the new couching foot with my dealer - love it.
Thanks again for all that you have done to promote the Viking products.

sandi said...

Sue, what a wonderful gesture on Viking's part and you, of course, for making it happen. Don't know what I would do without Jan. She's saved me on numerous occasions with various instructions and explanations. She is so kind and generous with her time in educating all of us, which only proves that she loves the Viking product as do we all. Thanks again, Sue, for getting that machine for Jan. She deserves it. Sandi

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, I too have upgraded to the Diamond and love it; my only disappointment was my thread rack from my SE doesn't fit on the diamond. Is there a fix for it to work?

donna said...

I really enjoy your show if I can't watch it than I tape it.
Now I'm deciding on purchasing the designer Diamond!!
I have also two Ellegante's ( my husband embroidery's) he's great at the software. And I have a Bernina 630.
I seen the couching and embroidery with yarn, I thought was cool.
I also went to harpers, to see how the DD works and all the cool features it offers. There was a guest talking about both the sele, and the DD...
Alot to think about, want to visit the dealer once more, and let me test run the DD. A friend was with me and I didn't get a chance.
The dealer isn't pushy which I like.
Thanks for the many ideas you offer on your show.
How nice you surpriced Jan Henning with the DD.
I have never had a viking, and hear different things so I'm not sure yet. But looking into and talk with the dealer.
I really like what this has to offer, especially the wider hoop.
And the hoops that come with the machine, plus how they just clip into place.

Michele said...


How wonderful you and Viking are for "lending" Jan a Diamond so that she can help us learn to better use our new machines. Cheers to you both and what an awesome pat on the back to Jan.

Michele in IL

KathyD said...

Sue, Thanx to you and Viking for allowing Jan Henning to sew on a Designer Diamond. This is exactly why I have been Viking girl since 1985 when I purchased my first Viking 990. It is still sewing today and running beautifully I might add. I really believe we belong to a family of sewers and I am so excited to be sewing on the new Designer Diamond now.

Thanx again to you and all the people at Viking for making Jan's dream come true.

Kathy DeStadio

Carol K. said...

Hi Sue, love your show, wouldn't miss it for anything, it's on my autorecord selection for favorites.  Noticed that your 3 year old granddaughter's name is Sage, my daughter who is now 34 is Sage, Sage-crystal actually.  Everyone thought it was an unusual name but we still love it, mostly because it is so uncommon.  I can't wait for my my Diamond, I'm upgrading from my D-1 which I purchased when it first came out in 1999 - wow, couldn't believe it's been that long ago. Love my D-1 and I know I'm going to love my Diamond even more it's an incredible dream machine, I'm glad to see that Jan Hennings is on board to help, she's an incredible instructor I have many of her tapes for my D1 and software but now I need to upgrade those also.  Enjoy your vacation which is well deserved and I'll see you back on my tv set.  Carol K., Blaine WA

Anonymous said...

What a thrill to see the pix of you with Jan Henning. She is tireless in her educational efforts on behalf of Husqvarna Viking via several chat boards, the making of videos and posting helpful hints on her website, as well as in the file sections of the lists she is a member of.
I was away when the email deluge hit you or I would have added mine into the mix! LOL.
America Sews is "tivo"ed every week so that I can watch it at my leisure; replay and/or protect certain shows.
Thank you for all you do.

Boo in hot northcentral Texas

donna said...

I was wondering on the DD, which I'm still looking into.
I'm confused on the formates. Is the DD a multi formate or not??
I now hear it isn't. My dealer said it was.
I have a lot usb sticks for exp and pes. Well I have a problem converting?
My dealer said I can load this on this machine and their wouldn't be a problem.

If this isn't a multi formate like the se, than this would be a good update for people.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Sue, I love your blog and enjoy reading all your posts. I got the first Diamond from my dealer and was most disappointed that Viking has discontinued the templates. I like the design positioning but it really isn't much help trying to determine design PLACEMENT on any article. Do you think there is any possibiilty of them making them available? I'd be more than happy to pay for them. I've only been at this a few years. As a 58 year old man, we men are just not as good as you women when it comes to this stuff and I need all the help I can get. Please see what you can do. And keep up all the good work. Thanks - Rick